Times are subject to change, everything is subject to change, change is good.

Thursday 24.9. 2020

You are welcome to arrive on Thursday to enjoy the nature in the area. There are plenty of walks and in the evening we will have campfire jams and a music performance from Radka & Taran

Friday 25.9. 2020

Opening Ceremony

There will be a program on Friday daytime but the official opening ceremony will begin at 5pm with Sue Moondragon leading and sweat lodges for those wishing to take part.

Yoga with Romy08:4510:00Church
Women’s Group with Inka10:3013:15Tent
Men’s group with Vladislav Kubíček10:3013:15Church
Kambo talk with Vojtech Chladek15:0016:30Discussion lounge
Chakra Breathing with Inka14:0015:15Tent
Brazilian Guitar – Gabriel Guerreiro15:0016:30Church
Earth Soul Star Meditation with Inka15:4516:30tent
The lighting of the fire, opening ceremony followed by the sweat lodge with Sue Moondragon17:0022:30Outside
Cave of Elders Meditation with Inka20:3021:45Church
Soundbath with Vojta Violinist22:4500:15Tent

Saturday 26.9. 2020

Yoga With Romy09:0010:00Church
Bach Flowers Remedies – Suzy Nana09:0010:30discussion lounge
African Dance lesson with Moribaya11:0012:30Church
A Journey with the Flute – Rikk Smith10:3012:00Tent
Children’s Time – with Kathleen Renahan & Pavla Podhajska10:3012:00Tea Tent
African Dance lesson with Moribaya11:0012:30Church
Weaving stories and materials – Monika Michael11:0013:00Discussion Lounge
Women’s womb base circle – Suzy Nana13:3015:30Tent
Ceremonial and inspirational music with Radka & Taran13:3015:00Church
Advanced states of Consciousness talk with Vladislav Kubíček14:0015:30Discussion Lounge
Ondrone live music with hula hoop performance from Aneta J15:3017:00Church
Cacao with Amisuel17:0017:45Tent
Ecstaric dance CZ 17:4520:15Tent
Moribaya Music with African Rhythms17:3018:45Church
Laboratorium Piesni / Song Laboratory – Traditional songs from around the world20:4522:15Church
Body movement healing music – Anna Sierpowska‘s Movement Medicine22:4500:15Church

Sunday 27.9. 2020

Yoga with Romy09:0010:00Tent
Bufo Alvarius – Toad talk with Yann A10:0012:00discussion lounge
Grounding Lecture with Inka15:0016:30Discussion Lounge
Movement meditation – Anna Sierpowska‘s Movement Medicine10:3012:30Church
Breathwork with Awakened Breath / Susy Nana10:3012:30Tent
Vojta Violinist – Music from the heart13:3015:00Church
Healing Voice Experience with Adam Antos14:0016:00Tent
Tranzan – Delicate, beautiful songs, mantras and ceremonial music15:3017:00Church
Closing Ceremony / Music / giving thanks with Sue Moondragon18:0020:00Outside
Play together in the church20:0000:15Church

Monday 28.9. 2020 — Bonus day

There will be an opportunity to walk in the forest, make your own workshop, music or talk, we are happy for you to stay with us until the Tuesday.

Morning meeting – Some info and discussion about the day.09:0009:45Church
Sue Moondragon – sharing teaching of Toltec and Celtic traditions10:0012:00Church
SweatLodge14:0018:00 – approx