Inka Machackova

Living in Northern Bohemia Inka is an experienced practitioner in holotropic breathwork, leading female groups, trainings in tantra, meditation and visualisation. The skill and passion that she applied to last year’s workshops meant we had to ask her back for even more this year.

Inka will lead a number of workshops during our event
1) Women’s Circle – Meet your inner goddesses & dance out your archetypes.
Let your archetypes dance, meet your inner goddesses! Get into contact with basic feminine archetypes – Amazon, Partner, Mother and Sage. Become the Lady of the Circle through dance, short meditation, drawing and sharing. Please take some water with you and a small snack with you for a closing circle feast.

2) Chakra Breathing – Osho

3) Earth Soul Star Meditation
Short guided meditation on coming into presence, grounding in our bodies, connecting with the Hearth of Mother Earth and a travel to the Star of our Soul – our life-guide, according to Slavic spiritual tradition.

4) Grounding Lecture
How to be with ebb and flow of our inner ocean, how to be present and balanced. Tips for integration after the Gathering, based on knowledge of transpersonal and archetypal psychology.

5) Individual Tarot Readings
A look into and behind mirror of your mind and soul with the tool of Tarot. Wisdom of Tarot of Druids, Osho Zen Tarot or New Earth Tarot available. Individual scheduling – please reserve a date with Inka – available through Saturday and Sunday. Special Gathering price 300 CZK/45 min.