Anna Sierpowska

Movement Medicine is a modern, transformative practice of meditation in motion, created by Ya’Acov and Suasannah Darling Khan to wake up and release your natural energy and support you in embodying and manifesting your potential. This method integrates physical, artistic, spiritual, shamanic and therapeutic practice.

It is rooted in 25 years of studying and practicing various methods of healing and transformation: 5 rhythms, Shamanic Healing, work with voice and music, Gestalt therapy, and many others

Powerful healing forces join together for this special performance. Be prepared for high energy dance ecstasy in what they call ‚Movement & Sound Medicine – Life Ceremony concert‘ where 2 drummers combine with modulated, digital live music for an experience that will leave you breathless.

Saturday evening dance Tree of Life – dancing and living the dream
Movement Medicine is a deeply invigorating ‚mindfulness in movement‘ intentional dance practice. Tree of Life is encouragement to build physical emotional and spiritual connection with Life Force. You are very welcome with any physical condition, age and experience. This practice is potential to bring more of You to Your everyday life. For You and All Your Relations

Sunday morning movement meditation
This dance is a healing power we all contain, this power we activate though the mindful movement. The essence of this practice is to allow the body take a shape of your prayer and your dream. Connect the physical with Spirit and Emotion. Deep listening and charismatic communication. Movement and Music is medicine in this Space.