Omnion also know as Tomáš Reindl is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and tabla player from Prague, Czech Republic. In his music he is often crossing the genre borders, he draws inspiration from ancient, sacred musical traditions of both East and West.

He uses realtime looping & processing, tabla, clarinet, beat-box, voice, overtone singing, didjeridu, kanjira, trom-bone, koncovka flute, blues harmonica

Since 1998 he has devoted himself to studying Indian Classical Music and playing the tabla drums. His teacher is tabla maestro Sanju Sahai, the leading performer of the prestigious Benares Gharana (lineage) of tabla. At the time Tomas is the only percussionist in Czech Republic playing tabla and Indian Classical music professionally.

Tomas is wonderfully skilled so be prepared to be dazzled by his creations.