Ecstatic Dance CZ – Ondřej Lakomý

Ondřey has been living in Bali since 2015, from where he travels the world. In what seems another life he was a person who liked to party, drink alcohol and play poker but traveling changed his life. Now he’s a person that teaches about the law of attraction, spirituality and a healthy lifestyle.

He has started to organise ecstatic dance in Prague and create conscious events for conscious people. He records his experiences and shares through videos, coaching, workshops and retreats. His mission is to inspire, help others on the spiritual path, and work on himself.

Ecstatic dance is a great opportunity to dance with a relax in a conscious way in a safe environment with like-minded people. ED is based on intuitive and free movement. Ondrej Lakomy will lead the session and it will be preceeded by a cacao ceremony from Amisuel (Mafis). Cacao is 100% pure ceremonial grade and is 120ck, please pay on arrival if you would like to guarantee having this drink.