What is is?
Traditionally, it is a purifying ritual that uses intense heat to stimulate vision and insight. A sweat lodge ceremony helps detoxify the body by stimulating blood circulation and causing you to sweat out impurities.

A traditional Native American sweat lodge is dome-shaped and circular and built low to the ground. Rocks are heated up in a fire outside the lodge, then brought into the center of the lodge with a shovel and placed in a dug pit. More rocks are brought in, traditionally in four rounds, and the Indian sweat lodge gets progressively hotter.

Pouring water on the rocks creates steam, which makes the Native American sweat lodge feel even hotter. Sweetgrass or sage is scattered on the rocks. You might be smudged with sage smoke before entering the Indian sweat lodge, to aid with the ritual purification. It is usual to offer up prayers, share your thoughts with others, and ask for the release of pain and suffering.

Our Ceremony
Sue Moondragon will lead the sweat lodge ceremonies, Sue has had almost 50 years experience in north American Toltec tradition and she is also influence by Celtic teachings and methods.

What you need:
A water bottle
Sarong, cotton shorts, loose clothing – What ever is natural material and you feel comfortable in once it gets wet and sweaty

Something that is important to you can be put on the shrine and it will receive energisation.
A natural fibre blanket can be places on top of the sweatlodge which will also receive energisation.
An intention to heal, give thanks, discover etc

Also – remove jewellery, watches etc as it can get hot and scorch the skin and traditionally you enter with just your minimal clothing.