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In the hidden corner of the Czech Republic near Bromouv not far from the Polish border lies a sacred space within a forest with a beautiful chapel called Soulkostel (https://www.facebook.com/Soulkostel/ ) We invite you to join us in a celebration of sacred music (Icaros, mantras, music with heart and soul), dance, informative talks, cacao ceremony, rapé circle, open and closing ceremony, meditation, yoga, with an introduction to holotropic breathwork and aspects of shamanism.

Our goal is to bring people, our different tribes, mainly from the Czech Republic and Poland together for celebration, learning and healing. Our chosen site is a magical place in nature, the ticket will allow you to stay from Thursday until Monday if you wish. There will be a small performance of music on Thursday night (around the fire) but the first day is for you to tune into the environment. The festival officially begins at Friday, we have some programme during the day but the official opening ceremony begins at around 6pm with our cacao ceremony

Volunteers – if you are interested in volunteering then please contact manifestopromotionscz@gmail.com We will provide acccommdation, catering and a free ticket in return for up to 5 hours help per day. 

PLEASE NOTE We to not sell alcohol at this event, we are preferring to connect to a higher vibrational level. If people want a drink then please do it moderately and with respect for others