There will be catering on site with healthy warm or cold vegetarian meals and drinks provided by a local company. Food filled with nutrients and love. There are very few shops nearby so please bring all the supplies if you don’t want buy food from our supplier. We request that if possible, bring your own plates, bowls, cutlery and cups so we can minimise environmental waste but we might have some spares if you need.

Note: There won’t be catering available until Friday. If you come earlier dont forget to bring your own food.


We do not sell alcohol at this event, we prefer to connect on a higher vibrational level. If people wish to drink then please do it moderately and outside of the venue space


There will be full tank of drinking water + there is a spring, it is slow, but clean.



Camping is for free in the field or some people prefer the forest which is also possible as long as respect for nature is given.

Camper vans

The field will be free to use, better to park along the fence and nearer to the exit then if it rains we can tow/push you off damaging less grass

Wooden huts

Small wooden huts are available for 400CZK per person for the whole event (from Thursday until Monday), they are very basic and must be pre-paid for and you must bring own sleeping bag and pillow – you can buy ticket here.

Showers and toilets

There are toilets and hot food fired showers available.

Parking (is free)

Vehicles and campervans will be parked in the field beside the forest. Please do not bring a vehicle if you know it leaks oil as the field belongs to an organic farm.

What to bring

Bring Yoga mats and blankets – for activities and relaxing.

Don’t forget Warm clothes – we have fire but it will be the start of autumn so be prepared for anything.

Bring instruments – The camp fire will be waiting for you

Language & translations

This is a multi-lingual event. Please make us aware when you arrive or at the beginning of a workshop/session if you might need translations. We will find someone within in the group to assist as we want you to get the most benefit possible.

What is a shamanic drum journey?

Basically, shamanic journeying is a way of communicating with your inner or spirit self and retrieving information. Your inner self is in constant communication with all aspects of your environment, seen and unseen. You need only journey within to find answers to your questions. 

To enter a trance state and support your journey, you will need a drum or a shamanic drumming recording. Shamanic drumming is drumming for the purpose of shamanic journeying. A good shamanic drumming recording should be pulsed at around three to four beats per second. You may also rattle, chant, or sing to induce trance. There is no right or wrong way to journey.

It’s best to eat lightly or not at all for a few hours before you start a shamanic journey. You can journey on a full stomach, however, eating lightly for most people sets you up for a better experience. It’s generally agreed best to refrain from alcohol and other substances for twenty-four hours before a shamanic journey. Depending on the individual, certain substances, medications, and drugs can inhibit journeying altogether.

What is a cacao ceremony?

Cacao is known as a great heart opener and so a perfect way to bring us together for a weekend with greater connection. (not to mention all the wonderful health effects) The drink itself is 100% pure ceremonial grade, ethically harvested from the Amazon. The ceremony will begin by filling your cup and offering sweeteners to those who don’t like the bitter taste and then we will state intentions or something you are calling in and followed by drinking the cacao and then a journey of song and dance. Music will last beyond midnight for those who are full of energy.

You can buy a ticket for the cacao ceremony here.
The ceremony is free, cacao is optional.

What is a Rapé Circle?

Part of our work and education around Rapé is “Roda do Rapé”. It is a circle of meeting with medicinal people and those who do not yet know it. We share insights from working with this medicine, we talk about ways of application, and of course we “blow” the best Rapé we have encountered. We are singing a medicinal songs also with guitar to call the power of Rapé and the forest.

Finally and most importantly – we ask you to bring warm hearts and open minds x