Moribaya is a multicultural collective with an international composition of artists, enthusiasts and travelers from Poland, Burkina Faso, Australia and Ukraine. They were united by their passion for traditional West African music.

Lively, trance-like rhythms from west africa, beautiful sounds of traditional African instruments and expressive dance make each concert a journey full of sensations and emotions into the African sources of the rhythm. The bands repertoire consists of trance and fast rhythms as well as rocking African melodies, inspired by the musical folklore of West Africa. The pieces are the bands original compositions based on African traditions and their musical language. The group performs their songs on authentic, traditional African instruments such as Kora – African harp, balaphones, ngoni, djembe, dundun, tama and bara as well as the slit drum krin, carignian and djabara. Band members comes from west africa or have traveled to Africa many times to absorb the local musical folklore, which allowed them to penetrate deeply and understand the culture and tradition of West Africa. In October 2018, the band released their debut album Kelen. In February 2020, the second album called Fila was released. In 2021, the band received the third prize at the international festival Mikołajki Folkowe.

The ensemble has had numerous musical collaborations with outstanding African artists. Among others, Harouna Dembele, Petit Adama Diarra, Dartagnan Camara, Sana Camara,  Mahomed Dabo i  Oumar Outtara, Issouf Coulibaly, Amara.  The group actively performs at festivals, including: OZORA (Hungary), Slot Art Festival, Freeq Festival, Vibrations (3 times), Organic, Siemia, Festival, Las Camp, Wolimierz, Owocowy Festival, S16 Festival, Street Party – Warsaw , Djembe Marathon (Czech Republic), Drum Djemboree, Around The Rhythm Festival, Ofca – Oleśnicki Circus-Artistic Festival, Intertwining Festival, Navigator Festival and many others.