Sur means sound, tarang means wave.

Surtarang takes inspiration from oriental music, especially Indian music. They use original oriental instruments such as sitar, tabla, saz and darbuka, combining them with modern electronic sounds in which you can hear edm, psytrance or dub. The music is complemented by mystical singing, and the mantras take you on a journey that’s not only musical, but also emotional and spiritual.   

The band was founded in 2018, and in February 2021 released their debut album „Duniya“. They have performed at major alternative festivals in Poland, such as: Las Festival, Egodrop Festival, Wibracji 5.0, Stacja Wolimierz, Ostoya Festival, Uroczysko and in many clubs.

Since the beginning of 2022, the band has been busily working on new material, which premiered with a special concert at Poznań’s Próżność club. The event can be described as a musical performance, a colourful story, which was enriched by invited guests. Thanks to them, the musical layer was enriched with instruments not seen at the band’s concerts so far. The event touched each of the senses, as the audience could admire a variety of dances, feel the taste and smell. Premiere show was completed by a magical play of lights and lasers. The band went on with their new material to tour Polish clubs – the „Yatra Tour“. 

„Yatra“ meaning „Journey“ is a coherent work – the character of the songs on the album is combined with unique costumes and amazing characterisations. The above elements unite the visual aspect with the sound design of the various songs recorded for the new album. The character of the twelve tracks and the remix included on the album is combined with the unique cover artwork designed by Kuba Sokólski. The band’s message is conveyed through an image thanks to a photo shoot by Przemek Banaś, where his magical photographs were further enhanced by unique costumes sewn by Dominika A. Badaczewska and amazing makeups made by Artur „Abartur“ Błaszczyk.

The new album also features guests: Maciej „Mustafa“ Giżejewski arranged and recorded the parts of percussion instruments in the song „Har Har Mahadev“, while in „Mukuti“ you can hear the saxophone recorded by Krzysztof Kuśmierek and the trumpet of Adam Jełowicki. „Sarva Mangalam“ received a remix by Kwazar with Hicham Bajjou reciting the poem and Maurycy Idzikowski playing the trumpet parts. Diverse sounds, presence of guests and a variety of musical genres accompanied by traditional mantras makes „Yatra“ a multidimensional journey within.

The band has performed at festivals such as Las Festival, Summer Contrast, Egodrop Festival, Wibracje 5.0, Stacja Wolimierz, Ostoya Festival, Uroczysko…, and in clubs across Poland.

Band members:

Hanka Łubieńska – vocal
Eryk Nowacki – sitar, saz
Łukasz Jasiak – tabla, darbuka, production