Vladislav Kubíček

Ing., Mgr. Vladislav Kubíček, Ph.D. made research on human perception during his postgrduate studies at Faculty of Information Technology at Brno University of Technology and in master’s degree in history of arts at the Faculty of Arts of MU in Brno. He is a multiple Czech champion in kung fu. He has completed (or is in) trainings in holotropic breatwork, family constellations, shamanic techniques and kinesiology.

He has worked as a scientist, analyst, manager and sales director, where he was interested mainly in understanding of the needs of users, customers and collaborators. He leads holotropic breathwork workshops, ceremonies and enjoyment seminars. Thanks to his personal experience and knowledge of quantum physics, he knows that the mind shapes our world. And we are learning about us thanks our perception of the world and our body. He thinks, that the life is the greatest school and experience.

The Men’s Circle – Let’s take an opportunity to learn together, what means to be a human, what means to be a man and what means to be me! How do you work with your power and abilities? What is your strength? How can you ask for support from others and how can you give them support? How can you relax even in extreme situations? How do you perceive your surroundings and yourself? How are you able to make decisions? We will not focus on, what masculinity is, but what kind of men you really are.

Drum Journey
On the Saturday morning Vladislav will lead a journey using the repetitive beat of a drum with the intention to move to an altered state. There are many applications for this such as meeting or working with your spirit animal which holds archetypal energy that a person may engage with to help them navigate their life.