Sarava | Štěpán Bako & Lucie Havlínová

We have tried many kinds of this sacred medicine in various places in South America. Our quest for the best Rapé ended where it started – in Brazil. We are selecting and bringing Rapé with great care only from our close friends. We perceive Rapé as a sacrament that must be treated with respect, just like any other medicine.

Our mission is to share this sacred medicine with people of similar mindset. We want all people of the same approach to be able to get in touch with a truly powerful and high-quality „Amazon medicine“ that comes from the Acre region from Brazilian tribes. That was the reason to create our eshop, where we offer the best Brazilian Rapé from our friends, Huni Kuin native indians. SARAVA was created with the aim of enhancing the culture of working with this medicine in our country and offering people of medicine really high quality and strong Rapé.

Circle with Rapé (Roda do Rapé)

Part of our work and education around Rapé is “Roda do Rapé”. It is a circle of meeting with medicinal people and those who do not yet know it. We share insights from working with this medicine, we talk about ways of application, and of course we “blow” the best Rapé we have encountered. We are singing a medicinal songs also with guitar to call the power of Rapé and the forest.